Rumpy’s Story

A story of a few local Hero’s and one VERY very lucky little puppy! This AM, before the sun came up, my friends curious little puppy, Rumpy, decided to venture out onto a frozen pond at his house. Soon after he and his big brother Brackee were let outside for their AM potty break, Brackee came to the door barking, scratching the door down, and alerting his owner to something going wrong. She could hear the puppies crying coming from the pond as she opened the door, and knew he’d fallen in!! She called 911 after an attempt to try to break the ice to reach him herself. The call was dispatched to animal control and 2 local fire departments, and time was so critical! Nearby heros heard the call go over the radio, and rushed to the house to help! Kenneth Bloodsworth and Jeremy Davis were going about their own mornings when they decided they needed to get to the address fast! Kim had thrown huge boulders onto the ice without breaking, and she later described these 2 guys stomping through the ice in 6ft deep water without hesitation and with ease to walk out to the puppy! Rumpy had been in the frigid water for over 20 min when Jeremy and Ken were able to grab him and pull him out, just before his little face began bobbing under the water as hypothermia was setting in. Shannon N Cross with animal control was waiting for him at the edge of the pond with everything ready in the house to begin bringing him back up to temperature. Animal control officer, Derrick Leonard arrived and together Shannon and him were able to continue 1st aide, and then quickly transport his little lifeless body to Town and Country Animal Hospital! This is where a few MORE Hero’s came into play! Dr.Maltby and her tech, Nancy Womack were off today and working out together at the YMCA while all of this took place, and they were reached by phone, and rushed to meet the officers at the vet hospital. Rumpy was handed off to them as a lifeless, gasping puppy at a little after 7AM, and THIS picture is him just before he went HOME this afternoon!!! Literally every single minute and every single person involved this AM led to Rumpy surviving!!! We are SO blessed to live in this small town, where Hero’s are everywhere, and if someone’s in trouble, someone is right there to help!! Today could’ve ended so tragic for my friend and her sweet pups, but thanks to all that had a hand in this, it’s a happy ending!!

Rumpy 4

Rumpy 1

Rumpy 2

Rumpy 3